HERE IS HOW to get production done.

This page is for you if you are a hardware startup that needs to scale up it’s operations from sample manufacturing to full series production. Often the first goal is to launch the product and validate Product-Market Fit as fast as possible. Later, it is about scaling production without allocating too much capital.

virtualfab is the SaaS platform to set up and execute subcontracted manufacturing.

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Our value proposition

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Minimize capital requirement

  • The working capital that needs to be allocated to supply chain can be minimized.
  • Production is purely based on OpEx. No CapEx requirements such as renting a facility or buying machines.
  • Production can be managed by lower wages juniors instead of expensive and hard to find supply chain professionals.
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Increase company value

  • Create and document a central knowledge base on how to manufacture the product.
  • Proof that production is scalable from first sample to full series.
  • Always be ready for a due diligence of your supply chain in follow on financing rounds.
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Ensure market success

  • The shortest possible release cycles enable fast adoption of the product until PMF is reached.
  • Time to market is as low as possible as all production steps can be managed in parallel.
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Immediate ROI

  • Our intuitive UI and self-onboarding enable the users to immediately make use of our tools and minimizes the requirements of user training. A comprehensive knowledge base educates the user to follow best supply chain management and production practice.
  • Our customer success team is dedicated to enable your company to deliver operational performance.
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Mitigate risk

  • Your company can easily build a resilient supply chain using advanced techniques like 2nd sourcing.
  • Dependencies from single sources or suppliers can be avoided.
  • All relevant manufacturing knowledge and supplier agreements are centrally documented, so resignation of individuals doesn’t lead to drain of crucial know-how.

We are here to get you from sample to series.