simplify contract manufacturing

Supplier collaboration, process planning, tendering, and order execution: control your global supply chain in one secure place.
By applying AI technology to perform repetitive tasks, you are free to focus on what matters most: creating value. It’s less time-to-market, minimized total cost and pure resilience: it’s fabless manufacturing.

Build on the foundation of the digital twin technology jointly with powerful Industrial Digital Twin Association consortium partners

virtualfab saves 30% of your time by connecting people, companies and software silos on one platform

virtualfab efficiently connects software systems across departments and companies. It enables the automated flow of information. No more silos, no more email ping-pong, no more manual copy & paste. You orchestrate the entire contract manufacturing process from one central, secure location. AI-assisted business process automation that lets you stay in control. You gain a lot of time to focus on what matters: your customers, your products, and good relations. Drink a coffee with your supplier and talk about future strategy instead of acting as a firefighter.

virtualfab software interconnection landscape letting information flow from CAD to ERP to data rooms and subcontractor networls

Finally, full control of your supply chain in one place

Contract manufacturing is a team play

United by one goal: get your products shipped in time and cost.
Gather all departments and roles in one place to ensure a seamless flow of information. Engineering to logistics: everyone must be involved.

Manufacturing process planning

Use virtualfab’s graphical editor to plan your supply chain. Each node represents one or more suppliers you can directly collaborate with.

virtualfab software used to define supply chain in a graphical edito

Centralized communication & Knowledge management

Text with all involved suppliers and your team from within one tool. Secure data rooms preserve all the valueable knowledge and create legally binding documentation of agreements made with suppliers.


Real- time insights and transparency increase your flexibility to predict, adjust and optimize your production chains anytime.


Work on manufacturing projects together with your team and partners – with shared data and communication rooms.


Scale your optimized supply chain according to the demand. Stay flexible and only pay for what you need .

Efficient collaboration

Manage all communication and data exchange on one secure platform. Save time through efficient collaboration with your team and all suppliers along the entire chain.

Transparency & Knowledge Management

Align all suppliers along your entire supply chain from one place. Create legally binding documentation of all agreements. Preserve the knowledge required to become independent.

Stability through resilience

Create fully optimised yet robust supply chains in an instant. Operate your outsourced production with confidence by eliminating vulnerabilities.


For Buyers

Build your own virtual factory

  • find the optimal producers for your product
  • build your perfect manufacturing chain
  • automize your outsourced production
  • get your products delivered reliably
  • stay flexible and resilient in a changing market

For Producers

Connect with your customers

  • manage client’s requests digitally
  • speed-up communication processes
  • sell more with less effort
  • reduce complexity
  • present your company in a global network

Highly specialized supply partners and direct access to all assemblies in our own
virtualfab – there‘s no easier way to outsource your manufacturing today.

Christian Uhlmann
Purchasing Manager – voxeljet AG

When working with virtualfab, I particularly liked the smooth service. They offer direct access to all components of the product, so that adjustments can be
communicated quickly. From the idea phase to implementation, everything is centrally organized.

Sven-Nils Kossow
Project Manager – Bystronic Deutschland GmbH

I can easily scale my capacities to meet my customers demand by attaching a virtualfab to my in-house facilities.

Lars Leber
Sales Manager – SAE Schaltanlagenbau Erfurt GmbH

Reduce complexity, minimize Total Cost of Purchase (TCP) and dramatically decrease the time to market of your products – with virtualfab.

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