Engineer manager check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent industrial factory on real time monitoring system software. Welding robotics and digital manufacturing operation.

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Making your customer happy requires excellent customer service, a good sense of “What’s next?” and a lot of smart engineering work. That’s what your company shall focus on. Customers also expect a seamless fulfillment experience and superb product quality at a reasonable cost. That’s what virtualfab ensures by orchestrating premier subcontractors into your supply chain that delivers on time.

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virtualfab automates all processes required to build a resilient and stable supply chain. It frees your employees from routine work by applying the latest AI technology to your subcontractor communication. Entirely hosted on one secure platform in Europe, virtualfab connects various software systems across companies and unveils the flow of information.


Adjust your manufacturing chains flexibly based on the current demand and only pay for what you actually need.


virtualfab enables easy second-sourcing and quick workflows, so you can always adjust to current market situations.


A real-time overview of your manufacturing chains allows you to stay up-to date on the current status, delays and shortages in your production – so you can adjust quickly.


Gain in-depth insights over all tiers of your manufacturing chains. This way, you decrease the dependency from single sources and can make more informed decisions.


virtualfab brings all departments of manufacturing together to share their knowledge and create optimal products and production processes.


Rely on excellent data security and encryption of your data. Send and store your data securely and centralized.

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