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Frequently asked questions

Business FAQs

What is the business of the fabnamix group?

fabnamix offers its customers the possibility to organize their industrial purchasing centrally and to manage all required supply partners via a virtual factory. You can either use the software as such and manage orders yourself or we can do it for you. In additon our consultants can provide you with advice and assistance if you need help with the organisation of your supply chain. So we build on three pillars: The first is our software solution virtualfab, which you can use to organize your purchasing online. Then we offer the virtual factory fulfillment service, which is the worry-free management of your supply chain within your virtualfab. Thirdly, you can book additional services if you want to have certifications or if you just need new design data (e.g. if yours is not up to date and your engineers are too busy). We also offer general support for getting your purchasing process digital.

Does consulting service mean support for the software?

No. Our support for the software is free of charge. By consulting service we mean additional advice from our experts who can help you organize your supply in the most efficient way.

Do I have to buy your software?

Yes. It’s a subscription model. We are still in a testing phase. Please contact us and we will discuss everything further.

Virtual Factory FAQs

What is the virtualfab?

The virtualfab is your personal virtual factory and direct gateway for industrial purchasing.

What can I order in my virtualfab?

You can order prototypes, parts or complete assemblies, even in series production. You can also book additional services like certification of your products or revision/digitalization of your construction data.

Can I integrate my exisiting suppliers into my virtualfab?

Yes. You decide how you model your supply chain and which suppliers to choose.

Can I find new suppliers using the virtualfab?

Yes, you can! Select online exactly the technologies, machines and quantities you need for your production.

I don’t have time to organize my purchasing, can you do it for me?

If you lack the capacities for the execution and just want to have your products manufactured and delivered hassle-free, we can do it for you. Simply upload your design data and requirements and we will operate your virtualfab as your virtual production manager.

Order FAQs

What about data security?

Of course your data is safe with us and we conclude an NDA with every new customer or supplier beforehand. Either download our standard NDA in the download section or use your own form. After concluding the confidentiality agreement you can send us your constructional or design data. In addition, every partner with whom we cooperate undertakes a NDA to maintain confidentiality about the data provided for production.

How do I send you a request?

Just fill out our contact form, add the construction data (as pdf or stp) and wait for your offer.

I am not able to add an attachment. What can I do?

If it is not possible to add an attachment, please send us your details (name, telephone number, the number of pieces you require, special features) together with any attachments to and we will get back to you.

What products can I order through you?

Our supply partner network covers a myriad of different manufacturing technologies. This means that you can purchase almost everything in the field of industrial engineering, medical technology or robotics centrally through us; including the associated standard parts. Be it entire assemblies, subassemblies, machines, systems or associated components. With the virtual factory you can control all your purchasing processes centrally and keep track of your supply chain.

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