Connect with your customers. Digital order processing, speed up processes, improved service.

Connect with your customers.

Process orders digitally. Speed up the process.
Improve your service.

Facilitate your efforts with virtualfab

Want to improve your customer management?
virtualfab offers a tool for agile communication with your customers and your team.

Frustrated with paperwork?
Receive and process orders digitally and declutter your e-mail inbox.

Feeling like you should make your business future-proof?
Digitilize your company and enter our global network.


No more e-mail flooding and countless phone hours

With virtualfab, you can centralize all communication onto one platform. Reduce the time spent talking on your phone or sorting through all your e-mails. With our software, you can easily communicate with all your customers and your team members through one chat tool.


Receiving and processing orders digitally and centralized on one platform allows you to review and reply to requests more quickly.
Our network of international customers also provides an opportunity for growth and expansion in your customer base.

reduce e-mails and phone calls, optimized customer management
effortless collaboration, sell more with less effort
Sell more with less

Present your company’s competences in our network to receive customer requests suited for your skillset. Showing your expertise will make you visible to the customers that need exactly what you can offer.


Our communication tool allows for fast information exchange with your customers from the first contact onwards. Make quick arrangements, address specific groups of interest and give regular updates, all in one tool.
Effortlessly integrate your whole team into the software, to distribute tasks and share information in an instant.

Data security and transparency guaranteed

virtualfab works with the highest standards of data security to safely encrypt your information and ensure secure information sharing. Via our cloud-system, you have full control over who you share information with and see immediately if any changes were made.

Save time and reduce complexity

Quick workflows and collaborative work reduce the complexity of work on your table and enable a fast exchange of information. Enjoy quicker cycles of product adjustments, negotiation and reduce the time from first contact to signing the contract.

data security and reduced complexity


the process in virtualfab from company profile setup to having an active serial production contract

Present your company digitally

company portfolio can be shared via link or on your website, introduce your company to potential customers
present your certificates and manufacturing technologies in your company portfolio
Give insights about the machines in your production and get directly contacted by interested customers.



Scale your production capacities based on OpEx.

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Support your production with additional technologies.

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