Engineer manager check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent industrial factory on real time monitoring system software. Welding robotics and digital manufacturing operation.


The all-in-one solution for digitalIZED manufacturing

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virtualfab offering various solutions to industrial buyers and producers, like SCM, CMS, Data Rooms, eSourcing, Ordner Management, Communication-Tool etc.



Adjust your manufacturing chains flexibly based on the current demand and only pay for what you actually need.


virtualfab enables easy second-sourcing and quick workflows, so you can always adjust to current market situations.


A real-time overview of your manufacturing chains allows you to stay up-to date on the current status, delays and shortages in your production – so you can adjust quickly.


Gain in-depth insights over all tiers of your manufacturing chains. This way, you decrease the dependency from single sources and can make more informed decisions.


virtualfab brings all departments of manufacturing together to share their knowledge and create optimal products and production processes.


Rely on excellent data security and encryption of your data. Send and store your data securely and centralized.



Make your sourcing process digital and search, filter and find optimal production partners for you in virtualfab.


virtualfab depicts the whole RFx Process, starting with the search process of finding new manufacturing partners, exchanging data and communicating, negotiating product optimizations and setting up contracts.

digital eSourcing and RFx Process
digital supply chain management and master data management

Build and manage manufacturing chains of any complexity. After the set-up, you can request the delivery of your products with the click of a button and run your outsourced production automatically.
With real-time insights and easy adjustments, the managegement of your supply chains becomes effortless.


Safely store information about your product, like design data, bill of material and assembly instructions. virtualfab enables you to create an archive for your knowlegde, which can be accessed by you at any time and from anywhere.


Handle all communication – internal and external- in real-time and centralized by including all involved departments of your company and the company of your manufacturing partner.


Securely share files with your manufacturing partners and access them through one central plattform. Easily share your documents with anyone in the project team that you would like to address.

collaborative communication tool and safely encrypted data rooms
digital customer aquisition and customer relationship management

Gain a quick overview of the current status of orders with real-time data. Handle customer requests digitally and centralized, to reduce complexity and time needed to respond to messages.


Present your company digitally in the virtualfab network. Get discovered by new clients and show your company’s assets on your own company portfolio page.


Receive orders and stay up-to date with the process of production and delivery. You will get an instant notification in case of delays and shortages, so you can adjust accordingly.


Send your offers to your clients centrally through one digital tool to enable quick communication flows and simple exchange of data. Get all important parties involved with a few clicks to reduce complexity and the time required to respond.

digital order management and offer handling
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