A great idea needs great employees. We are happy about every applicant who has the desire to work with full dedication and passion.

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Job Opportunities

Our team is currently complete. We do not have any open job positions.

Working at fabnamix

No Hierarchies

Each of us is equal and we work together as a team.

Start-up Mentality

We consistently live the principles of a modern start-up. For us this means: One for all, all for one.


In order to react to market changes as quickly and effectively as possible, we use the approaches of new work and agility.


Together we grow beyond borders and cultures and value our diversity.

Team Events

A strong sense of “we” can only be developed through regular meetings outside the work context. That’s why we don’t shy away from barbecuing together after work or sitting together in a cozy atmosphere.


For us, it doesn’t matter where and when you work. Whether you are travelling the world or like to work at night. What matters to us is are the results.

Performance Pay

Those who invest a lot in the success of our company should also be rewarded fairly.

Team Meetings

Regularly, we all get together and discuss our current projects and brainstorm new approaches.

Food and Drinks

At our location in Leipzig, water, coffee and other softdrinks are free of charge for all employees.

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